Plays of the day

Why isn’t the extremely colloquialized language used by teens and young adults deemed a legitimate evolutionary consequence of the English language? Of course, it’s not so much an implementation of a typology that best conveys the troubles and conflicts of this day and age as much as it is a modification of the polysynthetic morphology of the language itself. Even so, the tendency of technology to permeate even the most tech-repelling stratum of the society in its social networking and social media forms could make such egregious deployments of the language a definite and established modality. Believing as I do that the cultural and aesthetic development of society is a reflection of the quality of the language it speaks in/with, would it be fair to assert that the future is going to be friendlier to technology rather than that technology is going to be friendlier to the future?


I finally get to do what I love doing – writing – for a living and I’ll finally be able to teach myself and evaluate myself on what I think I’m very good at, so much so that it is going to be the greatest learning experience/period of my life. How unfortunate that I realize there is a downside to that. This learning experience has not come at a point when it should have: when I would’ve enjoyed taking risks associated with it and ensuring that I integrated it with my intuition. However, one way or another, I’m not going to make excuses at the end of the day about something I’ve wanted to do more than I’ve wanted to earn money doing it. Isn’t that the dream?


The UPA-II seems to be using the constitutional recourse argument very well against Anna Hazare’s camp and its anti-corruption movement. However, by virtue of being the most potent weapon that can be used against anyone perceived as being a threat to the state, let alone the central government or the much-weaker institution of a ruling coalition, using it more often and in a situation as relatively less-important as the fight against corruption will only lead to its delegitimization. By declaring any Hazare-initiated movement as threatening the “process of law”, the UPA is indirectly clarifying that it has been backed up to the wall.


In the ongoing Indian cricket team’s tour of West Indies, some interesting situations are being played out that involve S Badrinath. Almost forcing the national selectors to by way of a strong domestic performance to pick him, he’s now showing nerves that point more toward vulnerability than anxiety. In fact, he’s admitted that he ought to go easier on himself after each failure to impress. Being already 30 years of age, he doesn’t have much time before him to seal a spot in the National XI, although there are those calling for him to avail as many chances as Mohammad Kaif or Rahul Dravid did: 50+ before a Class B contract. What they all fail to see is that when the BCCI was doling out opportunities like that, we had a team nowhere as good as what we’ve had for the 2010 and 2011 seasons. How is it reasonable to compare the value of an opportunity in two radically different environments?


The more I read, the more I write, the more I deduce and conclude, the better I understand how I’ve wronged in thinking that theists are stupid to believe in a higher deity. At the end of the day, it is a way of perceiving the world around us and everyone has that amount of individual freedom to decide how they see it without being blamed for seeing it a certain way (the blame sinks in when that belief causes social dissonance). Furthermore, apart from drawing upon the theses of methodological investigation and empiricism, one man – Carl Sagan – influenced me more than the rest in allowing me to conclude that we know too little about this Universe to rule out the presence of a preternatural being, or even so much a primeval being. At the same time, how furious I get when my grandparents praise “God and his Holy Fucking Ways” when I get a call from ACJ! Whatever this “God” being does, let him/her/it for as long as he/she/it does not take credit for my toil, sweat and blood. That’s the day God will have physically died to teach mankind the only lesson they ever ought to consider important.

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