When geeks aspire

On the first day of school,
A geek was born in class;
The kids made fun of him,
Burying a fear inside that math just got harder to pass!

When the words fall down,
His stories are made:
It’s a tale with a moral
That’ll teach you humility and the will to never fade!

When the slut whispered that
For her homework he’d have her flower,
He did it all knowing anyway
That once the time came he’d have to finish in the shower!

When it’s time for DotA-
Get high on frame-rate thrills-
Immortal guts and glory:
It’s not over until they’re all m-m-m-monster kills !

When the card’s on the table
And the bet’s are on hold,
He’s got no poker face;
Smart kid’ll teach you what isn’t stupid but bold!

When geeks aspire,
The game doesn’t end that way!
It plays itself, on and on,
Until he’s got a Wikipedia page on his name some day!

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