The Harvest Of Altruism

The rage of daylight bears down upon us all, condemned here in this chasm of filth and scum and the like, a consuming anger that sweeps relentlessly across the multitude of hunched shoulders and crouched knees, huddled together, unable to move, unable to hope even.

Mighty Ardaryon! Immortal Ardaryon!

The light of the thousand wonders we called you and this is how swiftly and dispassionately you would betray us for your own glory, for we see that the attainment of your pinnacle is insufficient to quench the unholy fires burning in your depthless eyes. The malice of your stale desire and the blight of your sordid dream have taken sway, and even though prayers unto your grace may have sufficed in the past, you stand mute on the throat of a dying child. May the Elders point their judicatory fingers at our eyes but upon that finger we would spit, upon that finger would we heap our curses for in the form of their being is your promise and in the direction of the pointed digit is your malevolence.

Argent Ardaryon! Persisting Ardaryon!

Out of the fires were you come in a time of great need but fie upon you and fie upon your house for, when the sinews of our destiny lay frayed the most, we needed belief in ourselves the most. For that, you shall have our eternal gratitude, ye Demon of the Light! Thy days stand numbered this moment forth and your vanquishing will be celebrated across the stars of Kanigellon and Barnalung, Mossein and Rahe, across all of the lands of life and death, across heavens and hells!

Prophet Ardaryon! Blessed Ardaryon!

You would make the empyrean weep, the soils fecund, the cattle restive, the seasons desist, the stomachs hungry, the conditions ebullient, the life heave… for what?! For you to feed on our blood while we weep it on your condoling thighs? For you to steal our faith and break it next, for your visceral agony to dissolve into the universality of clemency! We sit here today, begrudging the Great Star to burn our bodies into the dust of O’aldath even as our spirits shall endure in the hearts of our children, and their children after them.

Great Ardaryon! Your end is nigh!

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