Alive With A Colour Of Death

Solo winds of loneliness /
Neutrons fly alone in the wind /
Lust you can always trust /
Even after lakes crumble to dust /

Eagles fly around me /
Call it death trying to surprise me /
I bleed a new colour today /
Day after night after day /

We shall sail for ever /
Fie upon the sad wings of destiny /

The eagles have come to find us /
Find us where we will always be /
I don’t know what to say but shout /
These are the tidings of failure beyond doubt /

Please let’s let the fire go /
The cloudy skies of the dreamer /

Have an old rain to pass on to the solo winds /
Why have you achieved nothing amongst the gold /
Did you fall again amongst grasses tall /
Do the stars not seem to care at all /

Should I have sorrow /
Return my soul instead /
You’re still wearing that smile from yesterday /
How do you separate the night from another day /

How do you know the prospects are all gone /
A day went by and fooled /

I thought that you could strangle me /
Wake me from these sleepless dreams /
Atlantis is drowned and now lost /
And the purple stalker continues his quest /

Can you hear the saints weeping in Hell /
Out in the cold and run of the mill /

When the stars fall in a blue rain /
I stand alone in the purple haze /
A prisoner of your eyes /
Of your eyes in the morning light /

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