A Smart Man’s Utopia

I wish most people just shut the hell up and walked away.
Instead of sticking around like geniuses wanting to give me advice.
I hate it when that happens.
When caution is mistaken for weakness.
When patience is mistaken for hesitation to grab an opportunity.
I hate it when people consign me to idiocy.

A friend of mine once proposed what can only be called a pogrom.
Jovially, of course, please don’t go hunting after him. He’s a nice chap.
He’s not a hard worker but a smart one, which I think is the new hard.
He said let’s wipe out the stupid people from the face of the earth.
Smart people spend half their time cleaning up after the idiots, he said.
Which is mostly true.
Jeremy: “How do you decide who’s stupid and who’s not?”
The IQ score was proposed and accepted.

To wit: Jeremy has always refused to take an IQ test.
For all his adult life I’d say – a period of 22 years.
Jeremy is also one of the smartest people I know.


We assumed that the pogrom was executed.
That a hegemony had transcended into utopia.
There were smart people everywhere now.
A smart man no longer had to clean up after his less-endowed predecessors.
Now that we were after the first hurdle – our own imagination – we were up against the more urgent ones.

  1. Without stupid people, isn’t a more dangerous hegemony in the offing?
    When everyone has an IQ of more than 100, the new stupid are smarter than the old stupid.
    When everyone has an IQ of more than 100, who’s going to want to do the old stupid’s work? 

    When the new stupid are smarter, the issue of re-executing the pogrom is raised.
    The new stupid are going to do things that won’t find appreciation from the new smart.
    The new smart are still going to have to clean up after the new stupid.
    Is the pogrom re-executed?
    Or does the executor promise that the pogrom will be halted after the first generation?
    Or can one trust the executor with anything at all?

  2. How is the man who condones a pogrom a smart man in the first place?
    By extension, the new smart become the new stupid and there is a massive population inversion.
    I could go into it but am holding back because it would be a heavily mathematical affair.
    Let’s keep things light.
    Like killing stupid people off? Sure. 

    Can’t a smart man have a smart man’s utopia?
    Isn’t it unfair that the smart man immediately becomes a fool when he desires a smart man’s utopia?
    Isn’t it even more unfair that the fool can desire anything and yet remain a fool and not worse?
    It’s like a spiral that descends downward.

Being smart is like being in a set with an upper limit.
You come all the way from negative infinity.
All the way from being an abject moron to being smart.
The moment you realize you’re smart, you start all over again.
It sucks to be smart.
There, I’ve said it.
I’ve to start all over again.
I do that everyday, anyway.
Being an idiot is much better than being smart.
An idiot’s utopia does last longer.

You might notice how it could be the world you’re in right now.
It is.
You might wonder if the idiocy manifests as mediocrity.
It doesn’t.
The idiocy manifests as the tolerance of mediocrity.
And other such things.


This chancy, chancy, chancy world.

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